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Olivier Vidal posted this 06 August 2020

Hi there,

I'm the proud new owner of 2008 Crawshaw / Winder 1.

I'm intending to re-rope so it's got continuous lines, centre board controls, in haul etc.etc. As my options to move cleats are limited , and there's no route for continuous lines in-line with traveller, i'm going to have to think it through.

If anyone has done similar, would they be kind enough to send any pictures?

Cheers, Olivier Vidal

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Ian McDonald posted this 07 August 2020

I attached some plastic rings on shockcord midway under the thwart both sides so that the lines were held forward before going aft of the main jammer.

You just need some flat fairlead ( I used Holt) on the thwart to act as a turning point. Hold the existing line straight from mast step through thecleat and then hold the line down on the side deck aft of the thwart- that will give you the point where the fairlead needs to sit on the thwar

I was not able to match the lightening speed and ease of splicing in the multiple splicing videos on YouTube and used Rooster Easy splice rope- it was easy!

I have a friction block on my centreboard, not sure how you escape from a turtle if the centreboard is cleated in the up position

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Ian McDonald posted this 17 August 2020

and for anyone sailing without continuous controls, its the best £100 you can spend on making your boat faster.

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