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Richard Willetts posted this 05 March 2021


Anyone else having problems renewing for 2021 by bank transfer?

I've tried on several occasions this week using the details emailed to me.

The bank rejects these details stating that they don't match the details held by the bank.

My bank happens to be the same as HSBC.

Anyone have the same problem or a way around it? No cheque book available!

Richard Willetts

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John Steels posted this 05 March 2021

Hi Richard

The Solo Class Association bank details are correct when you place an order, several people have had the same issue so just ignore the massage and proceed

I can see your membership order was placed 2/3/21

I will have a look and see why there seems to be an error in the Account NAME but rest assured the Account details are correct and your transfer will go through ok

For peace of mind feel free to email me when you make the transfer and I will look in the system and confirm all is well

John Steels NSCA Membership Secretary

John Steels posted this 28 April 2021

I have now updated the Webcollect NSCA Account name so future Bank Transfers should go through smoothly!!

John Steels

Last Edited 28 April 2021

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