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Richard Botten posted this 23 December 2017

I have finally stripped all the paint from the hull of my old (3416) wooden Solo. I am planning to epoxy (using West epoxy) the hull before I repaint it ready for next season. My aim is to reduce the maintenance I need to conduct over the next five years or so.

Before I get started I was wondering if anyone had any comments or tips?

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Ian McDonald posted this 25 December 2017

I assume the boat is in the dry and warm. now the paint is off,leaving it for a few weeks may help to get the weight down as she dries. Please update us on your progress as it may encourage others to do some tidying.

Richard Botten posted this 26 December 2017

Thank you for your reply.

My Solo has been in the garage since October and I finally removed the last of the paint in mid-December. There was a little bit of damp wood on the transom, which has now dried out and the whole boat looked dry by the time I had removed the last of the paint. There is a 80W electric tubular heater under the boat to help with the drying process.

I am hoping to resume work on the boat after the Christmas holidays and would hope it would be completely dry by then.

Paul Gray posted this 28 December 2017

I've done it in the past on a Firefly and and Optimist. The wood needs not only to be completely driy but also free of all remains of the old paint. After hot air paint removal, wire wool and Nitromors will remove any last residues.

At this time of year you will need to keep it all warm (20C) for 24 hours while the epoxy cures or you will get amine blush. I made a tent from bubble wrap inside the garage to mimise the volume to heat and used a fan heater with a thermostat.

Mix the resin in a roller tray, keep the materials warm in the house before use. The tray prevents heat buildup from the reaction - I havbe mixed a half litre in a pot and had it melt the pot! Use a foam roller - you get a better finish than a brush in my experience. I also warmed the wood immediately before rolling with a hot air gun. This helps it be totally dry and also expels air which then draws in the epoxy on cooling.

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Richard Botten posted this 28 December 2017

I was wondering how best to heat up the garage so the bubble tent idea will be put into practice. I will also invest in a heat gun to pre-heat the wood, I have read that the release of air from the wood can compromise the initial epoxy layer so I am eager to avoid this.

I have managed to get rid of all traces of paint so I am happy the surface preparation looks good.

What size epoxy batches did you end up using? I am struggling to determine what quantity to make up which will give the optimum time window for application.

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