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Harry Ashworth posted this 19 August 2020

I can’t find any historic results on this site, any idea where they are please?

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Ian McDonald posted this 20 August 2020

I think that some of the info from the old website didn't make it across to this new one.

I wonder if the ink has faded on the vellum records of our last racing success?

Will Loy posted this 20 August 2020

Hi Harry, hope you are well. All the major event winners are listed in the members section. Log in, go to Solo Specific back copies and you will find Championship winners and individual race winners from 6 decades. We may have to amend some of the National Championship winners as we are currently investigating the criteria that was in place in the 1970's. I understand first UK Solo would have been National Champion but there are several anomalies where foreign sailers have been credited. Regs, Will

Harry Ashworth posted this 21 August 2020

Thanks Will

Ian McDonald posted this 21 August 2020

Thanks Will and sorry for thinking this had not been retained.

Some great memories there- best bit for me are the occasional " normal" sailor standing amongst the " superstars"

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