Retro fitting Centre Board adjustment continuous control lines on a 2008 Speed? topic

Ben Miles posted this 23 January 2018

Does anybody have any instructions, photos or suggestions how to fit these control lines?

Many thanks,


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Tim Flatman posted this 29 March 2018

Ben Sorry for taking so long to reply - I just can't figure out how post photos/images.

Anyone help with that?

Ben Miles posted this 15 March 2018

This is the Boon system, I would run the bungee under the thwart instead of through the cutout slots.

Ben Miles posted this 15 March 2018

Thanks Tim, that would be great, I have been looking at a friends Boon boat at the club, it looks very good, so I think I may well have a go at that, but would like to see yours first?

Many thanks,


Tim Flatman posted this 15 March 2018

Ben, Hi I'm a new Solo owner and bought a 2007 Speed. It has a "strange" arrangement for the Centreboard ending in a Bungee to keep it all tensioned. Seems to work. Centreboard stays exactly where I put it.

I'd need to go to the club to get a photo. If your interested I'll post one in a few days?

Ian McDonald posted this 26 January 2018

I remember my Severns having a bunjee cord with an adjustable cleat that went round the back of the mansheet jammer to act as a downhaul with the friction damper adjusted. The modern uphaul seems to go from centreboard to blocks off a strop off the mast step and then out to cleats out by the others, I would be interested to hear how you get the board down after a capsize!

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