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Andy Robinson posted this 28 March 2018

can anyone out there send me a diagram/pics of the best way to rig righting lines please?

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Ian McDonald posted this 28 March 2018

no pictures, but I have a short length of 4mm shockcord with a loop at the end in tied to the top rudder fitting both sides so a stopper ball fitted to the righting line can fit through and be easily removed,saves drilling holes to retain the line at the back. My boat is wooden so a deck eye level with the thwart and screwed under the gunwhale is easy. I am embarrased to have them, but pleased I have!

Andy Robinson posted this 28 March 2018

Ian, thanks for this. Does this mean that the righting line then needs re attaching to the bungee after use?

If so, does anyone know of a way of achieving a system that automatically retracts?

Regarding embarrassment, having been blown flat at sea and struggled for 10 mins to get a boat up (which feels a lot longer when you're doing it), I would be more embarrassed to need rescuing and have to forfeit a race. :-)

Andrew Liddington posted this 28 March 2018

Andy I have a system which retracts and creates a ‘ladder’ loop to climb in with. If you e mail me at [email protected] I will send you a video and a diagram. Andrew

Andy Robinson posted this 29 March 2018

many thanks Andrew, I don't particularly need the ladder bit - its getting the boat upright in big waves when I can't reach the centreboard, or more often, my hands keep slipping off it, but I can adapt what I need from your very helpful diagram and video.



Sal Erskine-Furniss posted this 4 Weeks ago

I had a lovely sail, followed by a refreshing swim yesterday. My solo went turtle and although I righted her without lines, I didn't get the timing right to climb in over the thwart off the board.

So my question is - for those with short arms, swimming alongside your boat - what is the best way to climb back in?



Andrew Liddington posted this 4 Weeks ago

Sal See my post above March 2018. Drop me an email and I will send a diagram and video. This sorted my problem of getting back in the boat. Andrew [email protected]

Steve Gray posted this 2 Weeks ago

Andrew- can you also share with me please [email protected] many thanks

simon law posted this 2 Days ago

Andrew ... could you share with me too? [email protected] Thanks!

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