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Ian McDonald posted this 4 Weeks ago

I thought the article in the Spring magazine about the sail flattener really interesting. I understand its being unofficially trialed at Salcombe.

If I get the agreement of other Solo at Blithfield, would I be ok to trial this myself? Its a low cost modification , clearly outside the current rules.

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Ian McDonald posted this 4 Weeks ago

I think from the lack of interest, this is not a proposal that is going to get sufficient interest to get a rule change.

Perhaps missing out those two mega windy days a year is not too bad.

Is there anyone using the B rig in crazy conditions? Is it more user friendly than it looks?

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Bill Hutchings posted this 4 Weeks ago

Hello Ian, I have used both B plan types of sail the current loose footed is a bit better, than the bolt roped boom version. I am a light weight 9.5 st 6ft 62 year old . I do join in with some open meetings and championships. I have opted to sail B plan in windy conditions knowing that i will get a good sail , better than no sail after travelling and overnighting. The down wind legs are fine and i dont lose out much, but the long up wind legs are really slow and frustrating watching most others disappear! I have retired from races so as not to delay the next start, as i have been so far behind!! If you do get a sail cut down i advise you on getting a window fitted in it. I do go cruising and the B plan is great - i have had a old full sail fitted with reefing lines which also works fine for pottering. Enjoy Regards Bill Hutchings

Ian McDonald posted this 4 Weeks ago

Thanks Bill. The difference in upwind speed is perhaps to be expected I think my short term plan is get out and do some more practice in windy conditions with the full rig. And to keep my knees together for a bit longer with more miles on the bike.

A few years sat in the armchair of an Osprey has made me too soft!

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