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Simon Derham posted this 01 October 2020

Hi All, I happened to inspect my boom the other day in the last of the bright sunlight and noticed some star crazing and even the start of a crack (10mm) in the area of the fixed boom fitting. I was amazed to see any stress here given this is only the mainsheet load and checking the kicker fitting similarly showed some stress marks but no cracking (yet). Question/S to the forum: a) Has anyone else inspected their booms and noticed this, b) How long have I got ‘till it breaks, c) can I mitigate the risk by relocating the mainsheet attachment, if so do I move it in (towards the mast) or out? The age of the boom, assuming it was new with the boat would be 7yrs.

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Ian McDonald posted this 02 October 2020

I would have thought that any cracking is more likely to have been an earlier owner falling on it and moving the mainsheet location is going to affect sail setting .

I spoke with Selden a while ago for tech advice re a mast from another boat and found them helpful.

Simon Derham posted this 06 October 2020

Thanks, I will discuss further with Seldon, but my surprise was that any initial failure was occurring where the mainsheet attached rather than at the kicker attachment where the stresses have got to be far greater. It might be that there is a reinforcing sleeve where the kicker is expected to attach. Anyway I thought it might help to share a photo of the boom if I can work it out.

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