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David Greening posted this 26 March 2021

Just to say thanks to Doug, Guy and Graham for running such an efficient SGM last night. I think that this is a great model for greater democracy in the class' decision making process. 70+ participants from a diverse group of NSCA members, plenty of discussion all in less than an hour from the comfort of our own homes.

Is this the way forward?

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Ian McDonald posted this 26 March 2021

Although most of us will have seen the dreadful local council Zoom meeting- clearly with the good people we have - Zoom is the way forward.

Increased attendance, reduced time required and reduced costs for all.

And you can enjoy some nice glasses of claret whilst the meeting continues

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Doug Latta posted this 07 April 2021

Thanks David for your kind words. The real thanks go to the hard working Committee and especially in this case the rules sub-committee who distilled the issues in super-quick time to ensure clarity for all. But thanks too to the members for there good sense to support the motions. It is a pleasure to serve you all. Doug

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