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Karl Porter posted this 30 August 2021

Seen some items about the lightweights out there! What about the other end of the scale? On a good day, I hit the 95kg mark, other days, a bit beyond (I dont blame covid!). I have read about stiffer masts (I think i may try this), but, is there anything else in the rigging to adjust to get the boat going? I sail / race mostly on a river, so lots of tacking etc... New to the Class, and enjoying the intricacies it offers! Thanks all! Karl

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Ian McDonald posted this 31 August 2021

When I started in the Solo, John Greenwood- Finn star and at the heavier end of the weight scale was at the front of the fleet. It can be done.

A stiff mast works with heavier sailors on open water and certainly in waves. A softer standard mast with twitchy winds gusting through the trees is good- especially when starting in the boat. Just check you haven't got a soft lightweights version.

The modern setup is fast. Slightly less rake and a higher boom is often quicker on multiple tacking waters- and much drier!

Chris Brown posted this 31 August 2021

hi karl , stay with a d plus or superspare m2 , tried the rest ,

go for a fuller sail , north do a f3 for the heaver sail works well on all points of sailing , and all winds , i have one for sale soon .

if you can get to the inlands soon , i can have a look at set up ,


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