Universal joint and Night Stick Tiller Extension topic

John Tippett posted this 21 September 2020

Having a problem replacing a cracked universal joint ( red so might be Sea Shure or Holt type ) in what I think is a Night Stick Tiller Extension Have removed fining screw through extension tube wall and u.joint will turn but not possible to pull out despite considerable force I am reluctant to just cut through u.joint and push end back into tube - -seems non scientific any answers please

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Ian McDonald posted this 22 September 2020

I would soap the joint and put the old joint in a vice whilst pulling straight

There is no reason why a cut of part shouldn't push out of the way, but if there is an obstruction you are going to be stuffed if it doesn't push out of the way.

John Tippett posted this 22 September 2020

Problem solved, I soaked the UJ end in hot soapy water for say 3 minutes, then clamped the UJ in my workmate, jammed the workmate against the garage door grabbed the extension and pulled with all my might and out it popped and I went staggering backwards nearly ending up on my bottom. It is a v tight fit and that plus the grit and grime of time made it difficult, the extra grip afforded by the extension helped too Thanks for advice John

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