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Will Loy posted this 05 May 2020

I have just downloaded Virtual Regatta Inshore to my phone in readiness for the forthcoming National Solo Spring Championship commencing this Saturday 9th May. It really is as close to actual sailing as we can get right now so please do download it yourselves and enter the event. The software takes you through some starter sessions to enable you to get comfortable with movement, VMG etc. The championship is being run by Andrew Voysey and Alex Butler who have been running a series of successful regattas for the HISC fleet. We currently have around 25 entries but we can do much better than that so download the app and get practicing. If you are entering then please also email [email protected] with your Solo successes, club, Solo sail number and any other entertaining info as I will be providing post event report to go with the videos. To enter; Send your name, mobile no & VR ID to [email protected] by 6th May latest I hope a number of our top helms can enter so we can have a crack at beating them. Also, please reply on the string on the National Solo page, it will prompt others to join in.

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Will Loy posted this 06 May 2020

Entries as of May 6th, 3.25pm

Name Pseudonym 1 Paul McCombie Bell Rock 2 Doug Latta Solo6000 3 Paul Rayson Beerhunter 4 Jamie Holmes Jikajamie 5 Robin Hodges Nap7 6 Andy Davis Taxi 7 Neil Firth Black Velvet 8 ‘Bill Hutchings BillyBuoy 9 Greg Swift Swifty83 10 Richard Beechey Bugs3936 11 Alex Butler Butler5781 12 Robin Gadd Nib 13 Neil Davison Solo5748 14 Andrew Voysey AndyV 15 Nick Marden bbscsail 16 Paul Clancy PFFC 17 Will Loy Will Power 18 Charlie Cumbley Chuckbags 19 Rob Vincent Vinno172 20 Nigel Thomas Solo Sailor Nigel 21 Mark Hobbs Hobbzee 22 Pieter Jelle Jongejans Pieter Jelle 23 Nick Robinson Shining Moon 24 Alex Powell AlexHISC 25 Jack Hopkins Hopkins 26 John Steels snibbo 27 Oliver Davenport Olly5737 28 Rob Milledge Solo5354 29 Chris Goldhawk Ghawk 30 Nigel Appleton CV Solo 31 John Smalley TiggerK1 32 Andy Hyland Andysolo 33 Jonathan Wells Goodlukjonathan 34 Toby Peacock Woozle 35 Stephen Holcroft stevoh 36 Alan Bishop Solo5723 37 Lawrence Cavill Grant LHCG 38 Dave Oakey Sid Snot 39 Jonathon Moore Simba7 40 Tim Johnson Shaglette 41 Patrick Ward Solo QuickSilver 42 Oli Wells Northernish 43 Richard Halton Solo5695 44 Mark Maskell MaskyTW&O 45 Richard Goodenough GoodyNuff 46 Mike Dray Solo4932 47 Charlie Brecknell Omega / cfb 48 Sam McNamara Baron M 49 Andy Fox GBRAF74 50 Simon FitzPatrick solo133 51 James Boyce
52 Geoff Carveth geoffers60 53 Chris Jennings CJ Gone Sailing 54 Andrew Boyce
55 Alec Powell S5553 56 Mark Flew 4656 57 Ross Underwood Militantc 58 Rob Young Mega Din 59 Geoff Gritton Solo5888 S4 60 Adrian Law AKL 61 John cooper After noon 62 Gordon Stewart FlyingG 63 Matt Robinson MattySolo3937 64 Andy Darby Whaleshark 65 Dave Rudman Darkknight5760 66 Tracey Hanan Marmite 67 Michael Webster Beer Witch 68 John Haine Solo5027

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