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With a choice of two different hull shapes, each built to the same exceptional standard we are continually developing our build technique to ensure our customers get the best.

Recent developments include an improved deck/floor moulding which means no join and as such, no weak point or leaking.

The difference between the two hulls comes down to your weight, where and/or how you sail but put simply they are as follows;

Mark 1; Maximum waterline length, minimum rocker and minimum beam Suits open water Lighter sailor (up to 85kg)

Mark 2 More rocker, a fuller bow and more V in the hull Suits inland water as it tacks quicker and is more forgiving Carries more weight The information below is for our ‘Complete’ boat which comes with Harken fittings, Selden mast, HD Dacron sail. We also offer Allen fit-outs, Super Spars and a range of other sailmakers.

What is resin infusion?

In contrast to the traditional wet-lay technique, resin infusion sees all the materials placed in a gelled mould and using a vacuum the resin is infused through the fibres. The results are stronger, stiffer and more consistent. With our years of experience using resin infusion Winder Boats are pushing the innovation boundaries and are often called on to offer training to a wide range of professionals in its use.


If you would like a non-standard colour please view the colour cards from our suppliers and let us have the reference number.



Moulded from epoxy foam sandwich the hull is very light yet enormously stiff. They are jig-assembled in the mould to ensure accuracy and consistency and the hand-layed epoxy is done by the same skilled team who have been building Merlins for years. The decks are resin infused and all our hulls are post-cured which ensures rigidity across a wide temperature range.

 Ovington Boats

Since acquiring the Boon Boats Solo mould in 2015 we have been working hard at improving the quality of the finished boats by improving the mould. We've used the experience gained in building over 160 Solos for Steve Boon, combined with our knowledge of epoxy foam sandwich boat building and attention to detail learnt from building International and Olympic classes. Significant improvements have been made to the accuracy of assembly, cosmetic finish and the structural stiffness of the boats.

The epoxy foils are being made out of the same aluminium tooling – ensuring consistency in shape and quality of finish.


Gosling Dinghycraft

once again, making a solo ahead of its time' Here at Gosling Dinghy Craft, we are building new solos from a new ply foam construction. This is a foam panel laminated onto a 1.5mm ply skin, developed by Gosling Dinghy Craft. This construction is designed to give all of the performance benefits of a fibreglass boat, but with all of the looks of a wooden Gosling boat. The panel stiffness is designed with a fibreglassback to be as stiff as a fibreglass boat, if not stiffer. This new construction has given us the technology to use new deck veneers to suit your taste, including, Sapele, Cherry and Ash, with others also available. The boat is built with all of the modern functions incorporated into the development of our boat, and we can also modify the design to your choices. Theboat is spray finished with a 2 pack Varnish. We have also developed our foils giving a new more flexible foil or a slightly stiffer choice if preferred. These are either finished in a 2 pack, mat white paint or the new, silver, Arrow Glass cloth, with a clear finish. We are, once again, making a solo ahead of its time, only available from Gosling Dinghy Craft.


Boatyard at Beer

New for 2013. The Boatyard at Beer are now manufacturing an innovative new shape Solo hull. This is built from a plug and mould newly constructed last Winter. The objective was to design a boat that would be robust, fast and good looking. The shape is based on long experience of racing winning dinghies, and from collaboration with Jim Hunt and Andy Davis on previous Solo builds. All the factors which make a Solo fast were examined. Existing fast shapes were also researched. From this analysis, small but significant incremental improvements were determined. These are known from racing experience to materially enhance performance. The lines are optimised where tolerances allow but are not extreme and conform to all relevant Solo class rules. Particular attention has been paid to creating a symmetrical boat with fair and true lines, without bumps or hollows. Every aspect of the boat has been considered in the search for improvement. New foil moulds have been CAD designed and 5-axis CNC machined to ensure trueness and consistency of build. The new shaped Solo hull has been completed by the Boatyard at Beer and had it's first outing at Salcombe over the Bank Holiday weekend, being test driven by Geoff Carveth. The hull shape has performed well in the initial trails Geoff was pleased with the overall handling and speed of the hull and believes that this will prove to be an improvement over earlier designs

 JP/P+B Solo

SoloOur P&B Solo dinghy package is a long standing race winner in the class. With a choice between our P&B built JP Solo & the Winder Solo Mk1 or Mk2, we can provide a boat perfectly tailored to each sailor.

We also have a Class specific products area for you to fit out your boats with all the latest gadgets and fittings, so treat your boat by visiting the Solo Fleet parts page or a new Solo Cover, or a new go faster P&B Solo Sail

As the class moves forward, the vast knowledge & experience of the P&B team keeps our package on the pace.

For further information please call class specialist Ian Pinnell or Oliver Wells on 01604 592808


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