Solo Dinghy - Survey.

Solo Boat Change Survey Results.

The committee would like to thank everyone that took part in the survey and for all the comments, some 221 all of which have been read by the committee.

The committee concludes there is a clear mandate for us to investigate some of the changes further.

The Committee is mindful of the implications on boat production/sales of any changes. We are currently working with the RYA and Builders with the intention to fast track to a vote on rule changes.


There were 423 completed responses to the survey, the survey was sent to 760 people. 

Q1: Reduce Weight by 3kg. 68% Yes. 
The Committee has a clear mandate to work towards a rule change. 
Q2: Increase Corrector weight to 7kg. 51% No. 
We are currently in talks with the builders about the proposed changes. The builders are keen to increase the corrector weight. In the light of the builders comments this matter will be looked into further. 
Q3: Reduce Buoyancy to help capsize recovery. 69% Yes. 
There is a mandate to investigate this further.  However, this will require significant investment in time and testing before a workable proposal can be put to the members.  It is anticipated that this will be an OPTION rather than all boats built this way, it is NOT expected there will be any performance enhancement or depletion when fitted. The Committee will work with Builders to progress ideas. It is unlikely any proposal will be ready to vote on in 2020.  
Q4: Slimmer and lower Centerboard Capping. 57% Yes.
There is a majority in favour and the committee has started to work with the builders to investigate further.  The committee is currently working on a paper which will be published shortly.
The new style Capping will be an Option, both new and old would be legal.  
Q5: Redesigned Transom. 58% Yes.
This week the committee discussed the options around a new style transom with builders. 
Due to the different options available with a new style transom, potentental changes to the deck mould and thus changes to the Rudder it will take some time to investigate fully. 
As with Q3 it is unlikely any proposal will not be ready to vote on in 2020.  
Q6: Carbon Boom. 51% Yes.
Not a clear majority so will not to be taken forward at this time
Q7: Carbon Mast. 79% agreed with the committee's decision, ie NO to Carbon Mast. 
Clear mandate in support of the Committee's previous decision not to take this forward at this time.

Regards NSCA Committee. 



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