The Area Rep Role

The Area Rep Role.

The Solo Class has split the country up into several Areas. Each area runs an Area series and holds an Area Championships Event. 

Each Area is run by an Area Representative. 


YouTube tutorials videos on using the website back office to update the Solo Website.


A year in the life of an Area Rep. 


I hope this article will explain the role and encourage people to volunteer as the Area Rep.

 It's not easy to know where to start as the years over lap, by this I mean you start planning the following year before the current year has finished. For this article I will start the year in August, this is the time when I start planning the following year's calendar. I send an email to all the Midland Fleet Captains at the end of August asking for their Open meeting dates for the following year. It normally takes between September to November for sailing clubs to supply their dates. As Area rep I keep track of the dates checking the Area events do not clash with  National Solo events or other Midland area events. I upload the dates to the Solo Website and post on the FaceBook area page. The whole process only takes a few hours spread over several months. The clubs are all very good at picking dates and it is rare I have to ask for a date to be moved. 

 At the start of the season I email the Midland Sailing Clubs Fleet Captains publishing the Open Meeting dates and add posts to the Solo Website and Face book. 

 Once the season has started after each event I update the series results and publish them on Face book and the Solo Website, this takes about one hour for each event. Sailwave is an easy product to use, you can copy the previous year to create the new years series. 

I also send articles to be published in the Class magazine. At the end of the season I give out prizes at the Solo EOS event. 

 The best part about being an Area Rep is that you can implement your own ideas and you are not involved in running the events. As an Area Rep you are part of the Solo Committee, some Area Reps take an active role but others don't. As I attend most of the National Solo events I take an interest in the Committee. As an Area Rep you don't have to attend every event and you can put as much or little time into the role as you want. 

 In summary as an Area Rep you coordinate your regional Open meeting dates, update the series results and give out prizes at the end of the year. You decide how the regional series runs, which events to include, possibly gain sponsors and basically run the series as you see best. 


There really isn't that much to the role and no one should be put off from volunteering. When I took over as Midland Area Rep Stuart Bush gave me all the info I needed, the hand over was spread over several months and he was always available for advice and help. 


If you attend area Open meetings why not give a little back for a few years and volunteer to be an Area Rep.

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